Grape Up increases its presence in Poland and plans to create several dozen new jobs by 2020.


Grape Up, a technology company that specializes in developing cloud applications and providing consultancy services, has announced the opening of a new office next month in Bialystok, Poland. The rapid growth in the number of company projects has resulted in the expansion of the current office in Białystok, which houses the Research & Development services center.

The teams currently located in the Białystok branch are programmers who build desktop applications, developers creating the SDK library, the Quality Assurance department and one Recruitment Specialist. The new office located in a new, spacious office building will accommodate 40 employees, which is more than twice as many as currently employed. The specialists employed in Białystok are also involved in the creation and development of cloud solutions, and work with clients in the US as part of on-site software delivery teams.

Konrad Siatka, CEO of Grape Up said:

The new office of our company underlines our success. It is an expression of our ambition to become one of the most attractive employers in Białystok, employing specialists from the IT industry. The Białystok branch has become an important part of the company's development plans. I am looking forward to further successes of our development center.

Konrad Siatka
CEO, Grape Up

Artur Witek, Vice President of the board adds:

The place of the new office on the map of Białystok is essential. We have chosen a location near the city center on purpose to emphasize our commitment to the local business community.

Artur Witek
Vice President, Grape Up

All Grape Up board members will be present at the opening of the new office: Konrad Siatka, Artur Witek, Roman Swoszowski and Łukasz Zwoliński.

April 10th, 2018