Grape Up has joined The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®)


Grape Up is partnering with the CNCF to promote cloud-native technologies and open source tools. It’s another important partnership after Cloud Foundry Foundation and Linux Foundation.

While working with the industry leaders on popularizing cloud solutions, we build brand awareness and recognition among top companies and help enterprises with leveraging cloud-native opportunities.

By joining the foundation, the Grape Up team engages in the common efforts to make cloud-native computing accessible for every company that wants to take advantage of cutting-edge tools and accelerate its growth. Simultaneously, Grape Up connects with end users and gain a valuable chance to learn more about their challenges, business objectives, and struggles with adapting the latest solutions. These connections can be used to prepare a more customized offering that meets the potential customers’ needs.

CNCF gathers over 375 members, connects the world’s top developers and hosts various summits and meetups that allow its community to exchange knowledge and collaborate on impressive projects.

April 9th, 2019