Grape Up Exhibitor at Cloud Computing Expo / Santa Clara, CA


Grape Up will sponsor/exhibit at the Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara, CA (31st October – 2nd November) - the largest conference covering issues such as IoT, Big Data and Analytics, FinTech, DevOps, containers and microservices.

Cloud Expo is a world-renowned event gathering people and knowledge about cloud solutions and comprehensive industry’s strategies. 2017’s edition consists of eight main thematic pathways: Enterprise Cloud & Digital Transformation; FinTech (Cloud Hot Topics); APIs, Cloud Security & Mobility; DevOps, Containers & Microservices; Big Data & Analytics; Cognitive Computing; Enterprose IoT (IoT Hot Topics) and IoT Developer, Consumer & IIoT.

Participating in Cloud Computing Expo is a great opportunity to present our unique mix of cloud technologies and services. It is also a chance to meet with vendors and technology buyers to discuss cloud computing and all that it entails - after all this is our area of expertise and we are really proud of it.

Artur Witek
VP of Business Development

During the Cloud Expo conference our Cloud Native Specialist Rafał Kowalski, is going to give a speech about Cloud Foundry Container Runtime: deploying enterprise-ready Kubernetes clusters with BOSH.

October 27th, 2017