Grape Up at TU-Automotive Detroit


Our team is heading to Detroit on 4-6 of June to participate in the world's largest auto tech conference & exhibition where all of the most important companies and organization in the automotive industry will be discussing its software-lead future.

Mobility is transforming rapidly and TU-Automotive is going to address the main trends that will shape the future of how we transport, use vehicles and interact with them. Our experts, who have a proven track record of successful projects regarding rebuilding legacy software for automakers, transforming them digitally, and working on R&D with their teams, are going to take an active part in this conference and present opportunities that cloud-native technologies can bring.

TU-Automotive will be the best place to hear about how industry leaders see the future. With over 3250 executives representing the most influential brands, hardware and software companies, mobility service providers, and leading industry press gathered in Detroit it becomes obvious that anyone who wants to be up to date with what’s going on in the industry, have to be at this event.

The agenda is fulfilled with speeches and presentations related to the most engaging and game-changing topics: next stages for mobility, rise of digital automotive services, infotainment in automotive, automotive UX, connected vehicle services, automated driving experience, network security, AI, connecting the automotive ecosystem, IoT and data monetization.

Detroit has always been one of the most places in the automotive industry. And while for many decades it has been known as the region of a huge concentration of manufacturers, now is rising as a leader of change that pushes the industry to get the most of software technologies to drive people to the new era of mobility.

Find our team at TU-Automotive Detroit - booth C252.

May 24th, 2019