Grape Up at Digital Transformation World 2019 in Nice


Grape Up is joining TM Forum and over 3000 members of the telco industry to discuss how digital transformation is reshaping their business. On 14-16 May, our team along with the world’s leading telecommunication companies we will be in Nice, France learning about the nearest perspectivities for this market, talking about the best ways to leverage cloud-native technologies in building modern, profitable businesses and explaining benefits that occur with digital disruption.

Our team has an impressive experience in working with the established telco companies that are transforming their software delivery and company culture to adapt to the fast-changing world. We’ve decided to share that knowledge with other teams that are looking for solutions that help them gain a competitive advantage, answer to the demanding markets, and embrace continuous innovation for business benefits.

The telecommunication industry is under intensive pressure to change the way their main players develop their services. Moving to cloud-native solutions is a long-awaited chance that may result in a faster pace of releasing new products, more customer-centric services, and flexibility to develop new ideas. Conferences like DTM 2019 are a great platform to meet and work together on effective ways to solve these challenging problems.

TM Forum looks to the future with optimism and forecasts that the next decade is full of opportunities for those who will be able to move fast. TM Forum has pointed out main things that telecoms have to change in their operational models: transforming time-to-market from years to days; simplifying and automating across the business; revolutionizing IT and embracing agile ways of working. Good news for the industry is that they are not alone with that - Grape Up specializes in these areas, and the upcoming summit will be a good occasion to talk about how we can help.

Our team will be at booth number 237. See you in Nice! Reach us directly through our social media channels if you want to book some time in advance.

May 7th, 2019