Grape Up at DevOps World I Jenkins World in San Francisco 2019



Our team is heading to DevOps World I Jenkins World in San Francisco, 12-15 August. Visit our booth and ask our experts about our Multicloud Enterprise Kubernetes, implementing DevOps in large organizations and empowering enterprises to undergo digital transformation. Check the agenda and book some time to attend speeches given by our representatives.

If you are going to the conference, mark this date - Wednesday, August 14, at 11:30 am - 12:15 pm. Rafał Kowalski, our Cloud Solution Architect, will present his talk - Continuous delivery directly to the car. Rafał will show how the automotive industry is changing because of digital transformation and will share some insightful examples on how to use Jenkins for building continuous delivery pipelines, which ship software directly to the car in a consistent manner and deals with massive rollbacks and cars connectivity issues.

The conference is a good place to discuss what’s new in Jenkins and DevOps, as CloudBees, the team behind the event, makes sure to invite industry leaders, experts, and practitioners. This year’s edition in San Francisco provides us with some insightful topics - shortening the CI cycle, security at a DevOps speed, getting to a multi-cloud deployment - a case study of Adobe Sign, and many more interesting talks delivered by speakers from Netflix, Google, Kubernetes Academy, Microsoft.

If you’re going to the conference or just want to meet with our experts in San Francisco, contact us immediately!

August 12th, 2019