20 Nov

Grape Up AI VIN Recognition with 92% accuracy, outscored major cloud service providers (Amazon, Google, Azure)

Grape Up delivers an AI-powered VIN recognition tool that enables automotive and insurance companies to improve the process of extracting and identifying VINs. Compared to the leading AI service providers, the solution developed by Grape Up received unparalleled results. 

End-to-end test results for Grape Up VIN Recognition, Amazon Rekognition, Azure OCR, and Google OCR.

Grape Up VIN Recognition88.3%92.4%
Amazon Rekognition29.1%33.0%
Azure OCR62.2%70,0%
Google OCR54.1%58.9%

Datasets specifics: 

  • Dataset A – all test photos (including ambiguous photos, e.g., blurred, with noise, rotated, skewed, with parts of the number being difficult to read.)
  • Dataset B – filtered test data containing only photos that are readable and unambiguous for the human.