Connected Cars: Introducing the platform that connects millions of cars.



Grape Up completed a project which was a milestone on the roadmap of a major sports car brand from Europe. The goal was to provide the client with the architecture and an initial implementation of an IoT platform - a modern innovation in which interconnection of electronic devices and the internet is proposed. In the case of connected cars systems, the solution intended to enable the communication between cars, the driver and various applications or services.

It was an R&D project which required an in-depth verification of general technological possibilities, selecting the best possible communication protocols and deciding which potential business problems the platform would solve. After all, a decision was made to use the microservice architecture which was deployed to the Cloud Foundry platform. A docker image was created for a representation of the car model.

The project posed numerous challenges that had to be overcome and solved. From choosing communication protocols, decisions on handling offline scenarios, to defining business use cases, service discovery and configuration. However, the biggest one was the application of the Digital Twin concept in the entire model which would serve as a digital representation of cars.

The initiative resulted in a centralized, secure and deployed into the cloud platform that already enables communication between millions of drivers, their cars, mobile phones and third party applications that they use daily. Additionally, various mechanisms that were implemented improved the overall user experience making it possible for drivers to use many essential functionalities even when the car doesn’t have access to the platform.

It wasn’t until the cooperation with Grape Up that the client knew which architectures or technologies to use, and what kind of technological possibilities there are to define an effective business use case. Based on the platform’s architecture and implementation, the client received a comprehensive comparison which methodologies and protocols were applicable for certain solutions. The project also broadened the client’s knowledge about the possible issues that can be solved by the platform.

The feedback from the company translates into flexibility, more savings for the enterprise and accelerated business speed. As a modern innovation, the IoT platform certainly proves itself very helpful to the common people in their daily activities such as driving vehicles.

April 16th, 2018