3 Feb

Cloudboostr 2.0.0: All You Need to Know to Seize the Opportunities Provided by Multicloud Enterprise Kubernetes

With the latest release of Cloudboostr, Kubernetes stack for enterprises, you can leverage a few helpful solutions. See what has changed and how it allows you to improve software delivery.

What’s new in Cloudboostr

  • Vault v1.9.2 is replacing Credhub
  • Keycloak v15.0.2 instead of UAA
  • Opensearch is taking place of Opendistro
  • Prometheus/Grafana are moved to Kubernetes
  • BOSH is disappearing from environment deployment
  • Jumpbox with multi-user support
  • Concourse extensions and log retention settings can be added to your toolkit

What it provides for your software delivery and Kubernetes management

  • Keycloak and Vault are made and native for Kubernetes. Backed by a community of developers, they ensure stability and are used in production by many enterprise companies.
  • Keycloak provides better maintenance and user management options as well as easier integration with external IdentityProviders and internal services.
  • Without BOSH, we can leave old versions of Ubuntu behind, and the whole Cloudboostr installation is at least two times faster than before.
  • Migration of tools from BOSH to Kubernetes simplifies architecture and makes the entire system easier to understand and manage.
  • Implementing Thanos into the stack allows to easier monitor multicluster systems and it perfectly fits into current monitoring based on Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Improvements in support for Azure and Openstack allow for easier setup – embracing multi-cloud strategy, you can manage everything using one OpsControl.

How do these updates help your team with delivering software? Get back to us with the feedback as your input allows us to develop Cloudboostr to meet your needs. Make sure to read our release note and get tips on how to implement all these upgrades.