30 Sep

Cloudboostr 1.6.0: Powerful Upgrades and Must-have Supports

The Cloudboostr team provides you with some helpful upgrades: Kubernetes 1.20, Concourse 6.7 and supports: Nginx Ingress Controller and individual worker sizes. See how they improve your workload management. 

What’s new:

  • Kubernetes upgrade to version 1.20
  • Concourse upgrade to version 6.7 and moved to Kubernetes
  • Support Nginx Ingress Controller
  • Support individual worker sizes

How these updates improve workload management:

  • There were few crucial changes in Kubernetes 1.20. The first one, Volume Snapshot Operations are stable now. It provides a standard way to make a snapshot and operate that snapshot later on any Kubernetes cluster and supported storage.
  • Another thing is moving away from Dockershim which is marked as deprecated. But you do not have to fear that – see some more details here (
  • The last thing that we would like to point out in Kubernetes 1.20 is the “Graceful node shutdown.” It is a small feature but will help us a lot in future maintenance and upgrade tasks on worker nodes.
  • Concourse upgrade gives quite a nice boost when it comes to performance and speed. This means we can easily handle more pipelines, and they run even faster than before.
  • Another thing is support for Nginx Ingress Controller, which is one of the most popular ingress controllers. It is used and required by multiple other tools, so you no longer need to manually modify clusters before using them. You can now simply choose between Nginx or Traefik (or none and install some other controller manually). An additional thing is that you can easily modify those tools via Cloudboostr Extension.
  • Last but not least is the individual workers sizes support which now gives you the ability to create tailored workers. You are no longer limited to the same sizes of workers – you can easily create a few huge ones for some resource-hungry Pods and the smaller ones for some regular containers. Better size means cheaper!

The latest upgrades are the next step in developing Cloudboostr to meet demanding needs. See how you can improve your software delivery with Cloudboostr, a production-ready Kubernetes stack.