Any workload will run when you boost it, with Cloudboostr



It’s official and it comes out today. Completely new from Grape Up, we’re excited to share Cloudboostr - an open cloud platform to run any workload in the cloud.

Integrates open source technologies

Cloudboostr is a complete cloud-native software stack that integrates open source technologies like Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. It unlocks the potential of OSS CF and K8s components and allows to enjoy the comfort of dedicated enterprise support.

Eliminates tensions between IT & business

It has been tailored to solve the tension between IT and business by facilitating the foundation for compliance and risk management without compromising the need for either speed or agility – all this in just one platform.

The top benefits of Cloudboostr include:

  • No license fee
  • 100% upstream compliance
  • Dedicated enterprise support
  •  Hybrid runtime engine
  •  Pre-configuration

Additionally, the platform's Cloud Engine comes built-in with Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR) and Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (CFCR – certified Kubernetes). Thanks to that, you can now take full advantage of both CaaS and PaaS functionalities.

For more information, visit the official Cloudboostr product page.
October 10th, 2018