Each day we develop ourselves
to build cloud solutions. Together.

At Grape Up, we create an environment where we can develop our skills. We do it together by helping each other achieving common goals. Here, we feel involved, we know that we belong, and we grow together. We're Grape Up, we set our sights high!

Values that drive us to work

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Deliver Value

  • We always do our best to make a positive contribution to the community and the environment
  • We understand our business, the needs of our customers and the sense of our work
  • We recommend solutions that we believe in
  • We start our work by answering the question: „Why?”
  • We achieve our goals in the most effective way possible
  • We keep our commitments
  • We focus on what brings value
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Win & Lose as a Team

  • We play as a team - together we take responsibility for success and failure
  • We treat our clients as part of the team
  • We can achieve more as a team and we take advantage of it
  • We share knowledge and use our experience
  • We treat others the way we would like to be treated
  • We appreciate and respect each other
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Drive Change

  • We take the initiative - the change begins with us
  • We feel responsible for shaping the company
  • We experiment, we look for innovative solutions
  • We progress in order to operate more efficiently and respond to customer needs
  • We draw conclusions from our mistakes, we improve our activities
  • We apply an iterative approach to changes with the measurement of progress
  • We react quickly to emerging changes
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Listen & Speak

  • We actively listen to what others say and respect it
  • We give and receive constructive feedback on a regular basis
  • We constantly collect feedback from our clients
  • We are open and talk about things that are important to us
  • We take into consideration someone else’s point of view and look for the best solution
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Have Fun

  • We like what we do
  • We care for an open and friendly atmosphere
  • We celebrate on occasion and without any occasion
  • We care about integration
  • We maintain a healthy work-life balance

Deliver Value

as a Team

Drive Change

Listen & Speak

Have Fun

Some of our specialties
we love the most

Having an impact

You co-create the employee experience through feedback sessions, retrospective assessment, sharing ideas for further development!

Personal development
& trainings

Knowledge exchange and support in learning - our Tech Ups help us grow together! Here you can do both - learn from your colleagues and share your expertise!

Success of the

We are extremely happy when we can reward our colleagues for their amazing job! Dinner for a hero of the month and trip for a hero of the year!

Work & Travel

Do you want to work on interesting projects and see the World at the same time? We provide you an opportunity to work in some of the most exciting places!

Lunch & Learn

Eating together is cool! It’s even more fun when you can taste new dishes and listen to some interesting talks provided by your peers!

Fun & friendly environment

We know how to enjoy our time together, and we got each other's backs! You can feel it once you step into our office!

See what our colleagues say

Grape Up gives me the opportunity to work on on-site projects. It is a chance to gain a lot of experience and to share my own with programmers from around the world.

Bringing together work and passion leads to success. When these two factors are supported by a great working atmosphere and mutual help, we have perfect conditions for professional and personal growth.

Grape Up is an ambitious and versatile company that encourages me to develop my interests in the areas of software development and machine learning, both from a practical and scientific point of view.

I'm surprised how absorbing and engaging office administration in an IT company can be. So many various tasks and so many people to work with. It gets challenging at times, but at the end of the day, it's extremely rewarding.

Working at Grape Up has given me many opportunities to expand my skillset and cooperate with talented professionals. Combining that with innovative projects results in a very enjoyable and fulfilling work environment.

What’s the best in working at Grape Up is the awareness that people I collaborate with are real professionals on both - technical and interpersonal levels. This gives me the confidence that we can tackle every challenge we face.

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