Support & Services

Cloudboostr provides a perfectly optimized remote support service in the most convenient way.


A direct helpline to Cloudboostr experts who will give you answers and get you back on the right track.


Dedicated Support Engineers are available to provide hands-on assistance with any issues related to your Cloudboostr installation.

& Maintenance

A managed service, aimed at maintaining a 24/7 continuity of your business and ensuring your Cloudboostr platform functions properly, securely and reliably.

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Support features

Basic supportDedicated supportOperations & Maintenance
1st level supportOptional
2nd level support
3rd level support
24/7 supportOptional
Support channelsWeb, EmailWeb, Email, SlackWeb, Email, Slack, Phone
Number of support requestsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Duration of service6 - 36 months6 - 36 months12 - 36 months
Dedicated Support Engineers
Dedicated Operations Engineers
Proactive monitoring
Root cause analysis
Guiding platform upgrades and patches-
Performing platform upgrades and patches
Backup strategy assistance and execution guidance
Response Times
Critical (Severity 1)4 business hours2 business hours1 business hours
Urgent (Severity 2)8 business hours4 business hours4 business hours
Medium (Severity 3)8 business hours8 business hours8 business hours
Low (Severity 4)16 business hours8 business hours8 business hours


We can guide you through the whole cloud-native journey to ensure you fully benefit
from the Cloudboostr platform.

Cloud Native
Architecture Design

Advice on the best ways to architect a cloud native environment in an organization to ensure successful adoption of cloud native approach both from operational and organizational aspect.

Cloudboostr Setup
& Installation

Install Cloudboostr platform with default configuration for a given cloud provider and recommended initial setup.

Customization & Advanced

Enhance Cloudboostr by setting up application CI/CD pipelines, deploying brokered data services, and introducing custom platform modifications.

Learn more about our Platform Enablement services

Operations Workshop

In-depth hands-on training for ops engineers on Cloudboostr architectural and operational details.

Cloud Native Enablement

Enable software development teams with Cloudboostr platform and other cloud-native tools and technologies to increase application delivery speed.

Learn more about our Engineer Enablement services

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