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How to Overcome Main Challenges When Collaborating With Teams From Different Countries?

In one of his latest articles, Filip Ryba describes the specificity of working on on-site projects in the USA. Let’s compare his experiences with similar projects run in other parts of the world. Let’s take the US first. What Can We Learn From U.S Work Culture? Teams in the USA are very customer-oriented and everyone […]


Grape Up Consultants’ 101 – What Does On-site Work Look Like?

When I first came to Grape Up, almost two years ago, I could hardly say I did not know what to expect. The kind of work I was to be doing was known to me, as was the location. Still, I felt anxious about going over the pond and spending almost three months in a […]


What Is It Like to Work on an On-site Project?

Have you ever considered working abroad on an on-site project? Or maybe you have already tried it? Whether it’s one of your goals for the upcoming year or you are just curious what the pros and cons are, it’s always worth to explore other people’s perspectives and scenarios of their episodes abroad. So, based on […]