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Machine Learning at the Edge – Federated Learning in the Automotive Industry

Machine Learning combined with edge computing gains a lot of interest in industries leveraging AI at scale – healthcare, automotive, or insurance. The proliferation of use cases such as autonomous driving or augmented reality, requiring low latency, real-time response to operating correctly, made distributed data processing a tempting solution. Computation offloading to edge IoT devices […]


How to Expedite Claims Adjustment by Using AI to Improve Virtual Inspection

If we look at the claims adjustment domain from a high-level perspective, we will surely notice it is a very complex set of elements: processes, data, activities, documents, systems, and many others, depending on each other. There are many people who are involved in the process and in many cases, they struggle with a lot […]


Leveraging AI To Improve VIN Recognition – How To Accelerate and Automate Operations in the Insurance Industry

Here we share our approach to automatic Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) detection and recognition using Deep Neural Networks. Our solution is robust in many aspects such as accuracy, generalization, and speed, and can be integrated into many areas in the insurance and automotive sectors.  Our goal is to provide a solution allowing us to take a picture using a mobile app and read the VIN that is present in the […]