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Agile approach to building great products

Agile development

Iterative approach and short development cycles

Continuous testing

Constant quality verification at each stage of the process

Continuous integration

Detecting problems early and improving code quality

Continuous deployment

Automated incremental releases into test, staging and production

Continuous testing

  • In-house testing team cooperating with the development team on a daily basis:
    • Immediate feedback and fix provided
  • Testing process executed in parallel with development:
    • Automation testing
    • Feature testing
    • Regression testing
    • Acceptance testing
  • Dedicated automation testing engineers:
    • Designing, creating, executing comprehensive test suites.
  • Test Lab with equipment and infrastructure to test all scenarios.
Iteration cycle
Automation testing
Inhouse feature testing
Dvelopment cycle start
Inhouse regression testing
Iteration feature scope complete
Integration release
Alpha deploy­ment
User testing & feedback