AI Services - Data Science

Apply computational intelligence and machine learning to augment

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Improve business productivity through process automation and optimization

AI helps businesses deliver goods and services more efficiently by continuously optimizing processes and resources, improving quality and reliability, and preventing downtime needed for maintenance.

Enhance your customers experience with AI-driven applications

Making customer experience more tailored, more personalized and more convenient is a way to build their loyalty and increase generated revenue streams.

Lower operating costs

Automating routine tasks and processes allows employees to focus on higher level, business-critical activities while simultaneously reducing human error rate and improving cost efficiency.

Providing tailored ML strategies and methods to approach a range of computational problems

Detection, segmentation & classification

Use computer vision tasks and techniques to derive actionable insights from images and other visual data.

Patterns & relationships

Discover patterns, relationships and similarities in unstructured data using deep neural networks, associative structures and clustering methods.

Predictions & forecasts

Analyze historical data and real-time event streams and produce accurate predictions and forecasts to make better informed business decisions.

Anomalies & outliers

Recognize unusual patterns in the data that do not conform to the expected standards and identify point, contextual and collective anomalies.

In-depth ML experience

Problem Categories

  • Object detection
  • Object classification
  • Object clustering
  • Predictions & forecasts
  • Recommendations
  • Pattern detection
  • Sequence processing
  • Anomaly detection
  • Relationships and knowledge representation

Learning Strategies

  • Supervised
  • Unsupervised
  • Semi-supervised
  • Reinforcement

Methods & Algorithms

  • Recurrent Networks
  • Clustering methods
  • Autoencoders
  • GANs
  • Convolutional Networks
  • Data mining methods
  • Attention mechanisms
  • Transformers
  • Associative structures
  • Competitive learning methods

End-to-end AI solution development services for your enterprise

Data discovery and readiness assessment

We perform a comprehensive review of your data to ensure it meets the needed criteria before it can be used for machine learning.

ML algorithm design and development

After designing ML model applicable to your specific business case, it needs to be iteratively trained, tested and optimized based on the model’s output.

ML solution integration and deployment

The trained packaged model is deployed to target production environments and integrated with data pipelines to process latest data and output valuable results.

Solving business problems across industry verticals

& E-Commerce

Analyze customers behavior and recommend products they are most likely to purchase
Identify the most prospectful customers and optimize marketing activities
Increase customer retention rate by identifying and understanding churn causes

& Finance

Enhance user experience with claims pre-assessment and automatic damage evaluation
Automatically process forms and extract data from textual and visual input to improve service efficiency
Identify unusual behavior and automatically detect fraudulent transactions or claimsunderstanding churn causes

& Manufacturing

Evaluate visual input from assembly lines to identify and eliminate faults and ensure high quality
Analyze real-time and historical sensor data to detect and prevent machinery failures
Anticipate future demand trends and optimize logistics and supply chainunderstanding churn causes